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Buddy Board

The Buddy Board is a feature that will foster fellowship and help defray the ever increasing cost of our sport. Whether you want to get out into the deep blue water,  try offshore fishing, river fishing, lake fishing or just have some company while you are fishing, the members listed below have expressed an interest in sharing their boat, fishing know-how and $$$. Members  that have boats might also be listed as anglers and just enjoy sharing their knowledge on someone else's boat. If you would like to add your name to the list, either email me at kripmisc@cox.net or get hold of me at any meeting. Just let me know what side you would like to be on and let me know how you would like to be contacted i.e. phone or email. You can click on the name and it should open a NEW MAIL in your resident email program.
Anglers with Boats Anglers looking for a ride
George Perry
757-574-5259 Frank Peterson
Dan Kriparos
757-818-3442  Bill Grimm
Sidney Lassiter 804-651-1410
Cliff Graf
Ray Sherman 757-705-2892 Dan Kriparos 757-818-3442
Tom Shenk 757-546-5410 Matthew Sheipe
John Ermalinski 757-482-5553 Rick Lustig 757-289-6364
Butch Pierce 757-277-9067 Tom Shenk 757-546-5410
Glenn Farless 757-284-6367 Ray Laust 757-549-0651

Ray Sherman 757-705-2892
Tom Cross 757-482-6307 John Ermalinski 757-482-5553
Paul Ledoux 757-439-1366 Butch Pierce 757-277-9067
Steve Bass 757-288-7146
Glenn Farless757-284-6367
George Perry757-574-5259
Charlie Slack757-692-0409
Tom Brantley757-404-8068
Tom Cross757-482-6307
Brian Kim757-439-4954
Lee Smith757- 471-6392
Paul Ledoux757-439-1366
David Bolen757-619-6001
Send an email to all members with boats Send an email to all members looking for a ride