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The Great Bridge Fisherman’s Association is a family oriented fishing club located in the Great Bridge Area of Chesapeake Virginia. Our charter is to introduce new anglers to the sport of recreational fishing while promoting the conservation of our resources. The diversity of its membership covers all aspects of recreational fishing from freshwater to saltwater, surf to pier, and inshore to offshore fishing. The club is active in the community, sponsoring various events including Wish a Fish and inshore party boat fishing for both our senior and disabled residents. The club is also active in sponsoring and participating in various tournaments throughout the year. Monthly meetings are held the first Monday of the month starting at 7pm and ending by 9pm. There is always a guest speaker talking on a wide range of topics and there are plenty of door prizes and raffles to round off the night. We meet at the Great Bridge Baptist Church located at 640 Battlefield Blvd South, across the street from the YMCA.